Click for Large Image Sindhudurg has been well-known as a Tourism District amongst the entire tourist destination scenario of the Country. The reason is the natural beauty here and truly this is a combination of a vast sea and a rich history in terms of ancient forts. The geographical placement of this District is shown in a map here.

In the last few years Sindhudurg District has made great strides in development and the Government has also decided to bring certain globally important projects here. The number of tourists visiting the District has been ever increasing but the local residents who had gone to the metro cities of Mumbai and Pune for employment and business are now looking forward to their home District with passion.

With Kokan Railway providing an immaculate mode of transport and communication, Sindhudurg is now almost closer to metro cities. OROS as District headquarters is at the core of District development for tourism and business. At OROS you can find all District administrative offices as well as various types of educational institutes, a proposed IT Park and other facilities. OROS is the only fully planned city in entire Kokan area and is superbly connected with all the talukas of the District.  

Jaitapkar Builders and Developers have launched an ambitious project of 110 residential flats and 66 business galas in a complex aptly called SIDDHIVINAYAK PARK just near Mumbai-Goa National Highway 17.  

SIDDHIVINAYAK PARK is complete with impressive structures and elevations, state of the art facilities and amenities, well arranged garden, common areas, temple, security arrangements and ample parking area.

All these facilities in a planned city ready for future Kokan that is OROS mean that an investment here now will bring you cheer if you would like to make it your residence in the company of beautiful nature or if you just look for a worthy investment opportunity in Real Estate.

Wildlife and Vegetation

The Gerry Martin Project (TGMP) is starting its first Research and Conservation Field Station on a beautiful plot of forested land, located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, just a stone throw from the Tilari Dam. The land is bordered by a perennial stream and reserve forest and is teeming with wildlife.

TGMP is planning to start surveys of wildlife and vegetation in November and are opening their doors to like-minded and interested folks. The survey expedition will run from the November 1 to 5, 2013.

The expedition will be led by Gerry Martin who has close to two decades of experience working with wildlife. He was India’s fist National Geographic Channel Adventurer. Today his focus is snakebite mitigation and conservation through community engagement and education. TGMP will be putting together an inventory of reptiles and amphibians that are found in the area with photographic cataloguing of each species they observe there. They have only limited places on the expedition. It is a great opportunity to learn and experience what it takes to be the first researchers in a forest.

Sea World

Tondawali, some 450 km south of the city, is an obscure but dainty village in Malvan, Sindhudurg, in the Konkan belt in the state.

But its geography and regional economy are about to experience a major shake-up that will, in a manner of speaking, endow a part of it with the look and feel of Antarctica. No, this is not a VFX-packed, apocalyptic Hollywood blockbuster.

The state government has approved a Rs.-509 crore project to build India's first oceanarium here, or the Sea World. It will be the second major theme park in the state after Essel World, the ninth in the country, and will catapult Tondawali to the recreation map of the country.The approval for the aquatic fantasyland comes after a recent meeting chaired by Chief Minister PrithvirajChavan and attended by Industries Minister Narayan Rane and Tourism Minister Chhagan Bhujbal.

Accepted after a feasibility study prepared by Centre-promoted Science and Technology Park in the University of Pune, the park is expected to be thrown open to public in three years, and would include a mock Antarctica among several other attractions.


Sindhudurg, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this ocean fort in 1664 AD on a low rocky 48-acre island off the Malvan coast. Vijaydurg and Sindhudurg are twin forts from the days of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's time that is a historic place with its serene coastal beauty. It is believed that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj personally selected the site for the construction of the fort.

Other temples dedicated to Hindu deities renowned in the Maratha pantheon (as Maruti, Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush, etc) lie within the limits of the fort. The Vijaydurg or 'Victory Fort' and the Padamgarh Fort are other attractions in the vicinity. There is the only temple of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the world; the temple was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's son Rajaram. Festivities such as Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (birthday of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj), Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Mahashivrathri, Ganesh Chaturthi, are celebrated. Daily puja (worship)and maintenance is done by mainly two families that were assigned this job since the fort was built; one of them is Shriram Sakpal. Along with the navy, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also realized the importance of a sea fort. One of the sea fort that he built was this Sindhudurga Fort at Malvan.

The oldest fort on the Sindhudurga coast, was constructed during the regime of Raja Bhoja II of the Shilahar dynasty (construction period 1193-1205). The fort was earlier known as "Gheria", as it is situated close to the village of "Girye". Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort from Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1653 and renamed it as "Vijay Durg" as the then Hindu solar year's name was "Vijay" (Victory).

Interestingly this fort has three rows of huge walls and under water stone structure also believed to be a wall. It contains spacious inner buildings and bastions named after Maratha soldiers. In 1st B.C it was minor port and gained importance during regime of Satvahana Rulers. Then Shilaharas, the rulers from Kolhapur erected this fort trade purpose and named ‘Gheria’. Fort witnessed successive Hindu dynasties before Adilshahi rulers, then again Marathas and Finally British. In fact Marathas went a head by building indigenous navy. Difficult to capture, British called it rock of Zibralter.


The Parule Chipi airport can cater to international flights and attract foreign tourists to the Konkan,” an official said, pointing to how the Dabolim airport in Goa had limitations on civilian flight operations as it was a defense facility and that the setup of a Greenfield airport at Mopa in North Goa was pending due to opposition.

Industries minister Narayan Rane, who hails from Sindhudurg, had strongly supported the airport, for which the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation is the nodal agency responsible.

Furthermore, the airport is expected to generate direct and indirect employment in the region, especially in sectors like hospitality, aviation and transport. Spread over an area of over 275 hectares, the airport is located 17 km from the Mumbai- Goa highway. Being developed by IRB Sindhudurg Airport Pvt. Ltd, it will be able to accommodate large planes like Boeing 737s and Airbus 310s.

Pilgrimage Places

Konkan is a land (Bhoomi) of temples; it is land of self-existing gods, it is a treasure of culture and folk art forms associated with tribal gods. It is also called yakshabhoomi in Konkan and Karnataka state. Yaksha (a kind of celestial being), the belief on this yaksha is a religious concept of Konkan.


Sindhudurga is blessed with a long coast line with few of the finest beaches one could find in the country. Some of these beaches are a backpackers dream, long stretches of secluded Konkan beaches ideal for camping and if you are lucky you could manage to go fishing with locals in the early hours of the day. The whole new underwater world of exotic marine life is recently discovered in Sindhudurg near shallow waters of Tarkarli and in the middle of the sea towards southward burnt islands. This makes paradise a potential diving destination of India. MTDC initiating eco-Tourism in the district has earmarked fifteen diving spots. Five of this, where water is calm and clear, is a safer site to be used for snorkeling. Revealing colorful beauty of this living corals is a wonderful diving experience.

Beautiful Nature

There is lots of natural beauty in Konkan. Konkan has about 720 kilometers of beach and with heavy rainfall of about 300 inches during monsoon of 3 months, it has most beautiful greenery all over the area. Now Konkan is a tourist attraction because of beautiful clean beaches, Coconut and Beetelnut trees, rivers, mountain ranges of Sahyadri, ancient forts (especially Sindhudurg Fort) and good roads. It has very spectacular waterfalls. Almost 40% of Konkan is forest. There are lots of beautiful lakes. Konkan is full of natural beauty.

Agro (village) Tourism is slowly increasing in Konkan. The real culture of Konkan can be enjoyed only in its villages. In the villages you can see the art of pot makers, carpenters, gold smiths, tailors, cobblers, barbers. And by observing these arts, you will get real feel of Konkan. Also in the villages, you can enjoy delicious Konkani food especially various fish preparations which are unique to Konkan. In Konkan, coconut is used in almost every dish, since coconut is abundant in Konkan. There is a thriving flower industry because variety of flowers are grown all across Konkan. Barter system still exists in Konkan even in 21st century. Villagers of Konkan look very happy and contented despite their limited means.


Snuggling coyly, in the southern ranges of the Sahyadri hills, Amboli at an altitude of 690 m. is the last mountain resort before the coastal highlands settle, with a sigh, to form flat beaches.  Visit the numerous viewpoints for a pleasant view of the lush hills and fertile plains.  The Bauxite Mines, 10 kms. away, is a pleasant and very different excursion.  If you're looking to spend a few days in splendid isolation with your family, Amboli is an ideal resort. Amboli has a cool and invigorating climate, a welcome respite in summer.

Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway was the missing link between India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, and Mangalore. The 741-kilometre line connects Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka States — a region of criss-crossing rivers, plunging valleys and mountains that soar into the clouds.

The Konkan is a coastal strip of land bounded by the Sahyadri hills on the east, and Arabian Sea on the west. It is a land where mythology breathes side by side with economic growth, a land with rich mineral resources, dense forest cover and a landscape fringed with paddy, coconut and mango trees. The formidable terrain to be conquered and the short construction period meant that the project could only be completed with the help of several technological innovations.

Four lane highway

The drive to your favourite weekend destinations in Raigad or Goa will soon get faster and safer.Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal, who also heads the public works department (PWD), said on Tuesday that the 475-km Mumbai-Goa stretch of National Highway (NH) 17 will soon be a four-lane road.But this smooth drive will cost you. The estimated cost of Rs. 3,000 crore will translate into toll for commuters.

Malvani Cuisine

Konkan cuisine is strong in spice, red chilli powder, corianders, and prepared with coconut oil. It is prepared using a deep purple berry that has a pleasing sweet and sour taste, kokum and raw mango as souring agents along with tamarind and lime.

Konkan cuisine is of two styles; first one is Brahmin cuisine, which uses little spice and more of coconut based ingredients. Another version is known as non-Brahmin style, prepared with lots of spice. Konkan cuisine would find prepared with peanuts, sesame and coriander as the main spicing agents if one goes a bit further towards inland.

Lots of charcoal grilled onions, which are either used chopped or ground along with masala's after being grilled, are used in Konkan cuisine. Coconut is also used in various forms as raw grated, fried grated, coconut paste and coconut milk.

Much Water Level

Tilari Dam is situated in Dodamarg Taluka, in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the largest one is situated in Chandgadtaluka of Kolhapur District in Maharashtra and is constructed on Tilari River as the result of a joint project by the Maharashtra and Goa governments. The water from this dam will distribute to both states. The dam is located near the border of the Maharashtra and Karnataka and necessitated the relocation of several villages in the area. Actually there are many reservoirs. The largest one is located near Belgaum in Village called Hajgoli in Maharashtra. The Village is approximately 30 km from Belgaum and is an ideal Weekend spot for the people of BELGAUM.

Konkan Culture

The term culture refers to a state of intellectual development or manners. Our manners, way of communicating with one another, etc are one of important components of our culture. A person can change his way of clothing, of eating and living but the rich values in a person always remains unchanged because they are deeply rooted within our hearts, mind, body and soul which we receive from our culture . Our culture treats guests as god. Even though we don’t have anything to eat, the guests are never left hungry and are always looked after by the membersof the family. Elders and the respect for elders is a major component in our culture. Helpful nature is another striking feature in our culture. Our culture tells us to multiply and distribute joy, happiness and share sadness, pain. Even though there are a number of people from different ethnicities and religions. Together, all of these people have unified as one, instead of separating from one another. Its a symbol of a typical diversified culture. So Malvan is cosmopolitan city.

Three basic religions can be found here in Malvan. Hindu, Muslim and Christian. Though majority of the people are Hindu, the Muslims & Christian forms 30% proportion of the population.Most of the people in Malvan depends upon fishing trade & commerce. The language has got a slight variation from the official state language “Marathi”,Malvan is traditionally known for it's unique dialect of Marathi / Konkani called ‘Malvani’.


A new film city is coming up at Nandos village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra bordering Goa, which will be new destination for film shootings for Bollywood.

The project, expected to be completed over next four years is coming up at the investment of Rs 2000 crore, and is likely to emerge as one-stop destination for film shootings and tourism.Sai Bollywood Filmcity India Pvt Ltd, one of the leading developers, has joined hands with the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and foreign investors for this ambitious project.“The project will be spread over 305 acres in Sindhudurg’s Nandos village and it will have a special inscription on the hill with ‘Bollywood’ written on it, on par with Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, USA,” said Kamal Kaushik, managing director of Sai Bollywood Filmcity India Pvt Ltd.The company has roped in several foreign investors through FDI route and has also partnered with Hindi film industry stalwarts like Motion Picture Distributors Association (India) Pvt Limited, he said.“MTDC has offered benefits in the form of ten years concession on various taxes levied on the project including electricity rebate,” said Sunil Verma, Director of the company. “It is entirely a different concept for India. We have procured all the patents and copyrights required for the project so that it becomes a real destination for Bollywood,” Verma said.